Faculty Research Profile

Molecular Biology

The current research of the first research team includes analyzing bone tissue microstructure and molecular changes, identifying genes affecting bone structure and function, studying historical bones, testing medications for osteoporosis and diabetes, evaluating treatment efficacy, and utilizing structural analyses in archaeozoology and forensic sciences.

The second research team focuses on molecular aspects of oocyte maturation and early animal embryo development. This research is crucial for improving indicators in animal production and biomedicine. Their interdisciplinary research bridges the gap between basic knowledge and practical applications. With a strong research profile in animal biotechnology, and molecular and cell biology, the team utilizes various cellular and molecular techniques to define technological interventions in basic biology.

The third scientific teams focus on biomonitoring phthalates and environmental endocrine disruptors in various working and teaching environments in Slovakia. They use specialized analytical techniques and have obtained international quality control certificates. The team has participated in national and international research projects, published data, and increased the laboratory's competitiveness.

The last research team focuses on plant resistance mechanisms against abiotic factors and the effects of contaminants, particularly heavy metals, on cellular, biochemical, and molecular processes. It examines how stress impacts plant resistance mechanisms and investigates physiological, anatomical, morphological, and molecular changes. The molecular analysis includes studying plant pathogenesis proteins (PR proteins) under stress. The research also explores enzymes and substances in fir and pine hybrids in relation to their position and abiotic factors. Additionally, the team optimizes analytical methods to assess environmental quality and aims to contribute to plant-based remediation programs.

Computer Science
Ecology and Environmental Sciences

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